May 17, 2023

How Do You Feel A Woman Had 3 Lovers 9 Sons And Is Carrying Pregnant With A Girl

How Do You Feel A Woman Had 3 Lovers 9 Sons And Is Carrying Pregnant With A Girl

“Being a mum is in my blood. I left school when I was 16 and started dating a lad from the same area as me.” Rachel Parker, 34, from Hinkley, Leicester said

A few months later she fell pregnant unexpectedly. She gave birth the first son in January 2005, his name is Josh, now he is 17. In shocked of her family, but they were  supportive.   A few months later, still aged 16, she got pregnant again and in April 2006 Haiden, now 16. In June 2007, when she was 18, I had Bradley, now 15.

In September in 2007 she married the kids’ dad in a simple registry office.  But before long she was pregnant again and Charlie, now 13, arrived in November 2009. She was 20 i gave birth Archie, now he is 11.
While her former schoolmates were out clubbing and holidaying in Ibiza she was changing dozens of nappies, potty-training, making lunches and getting by on three or four hours sleep and wouldn’t have changed a thing.
And by 21she gave birth Finley, now he is 10, arrived in October 2011. In June 2014, Henry  was born, now he is eight, arrived healthily a little boy. She was a mum of seven boys and turning 25. She always still longed for a girl.  She kept  pregnant at  28 in April 2016,  she gave birth Albie  now he seven. But sadly shortly afterwards her husband and she grew apart and she was single with eight boys.

Still, I didn’t plan on staying that way and in June 2019 she met another man on social media. In February 2020 she discovered she was pregnant again, but sadly she broke up with her boyfriend after that.There were a lot of questions about her  constantly having boys. ‘Can’t you make girls?’ friends teased me and I genuinely thought I couldn’t. I can’t deny I always smiled hearing the sonographer say ‘it’s a boy’ when I went for a scan… I didn’t expect anything else.” she said

Unable to bear the loneliness, the young mother continued to go back and forth, talking intimately with Shane, a friend of hers. then they fell in love and she went on to get pregnant in 2020. She and he came for a scan. the sonographer said the words she’d never heard before… ‘it’s a girl.’

“I will be 34 when she arrives and a proud mummy of nine boys and one girl. She’s our Christmas gift and will have nine super protective brothers and one super proud daddy.” She saidThey tidy their rooms every day, make their own beds and the oldest four help with the washing and folding. They all help each other with homework and chores. One weekend Shane does a Saturday morning fry-up for everyone.

“I’m so proud of my massive family and everything I’ve achieved – they’re wonderful.” mom said

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