Hottest Nail Trends Unveiled: Alexandria Stylebook’s Top Picks-011

One of the most popular design requests we received in 2021 was abstract designs, and we expect to see them continue trending into 2023.

This design is so fun to make because no set of nails will ever be completely the same. Sometimes, a little escapism isn’t a bad idea.

French manicures have come back with a punch, and the modern version has evolved into many variations. We’ve seen everything from ombre French manicures to rainbow French manicures to slanted French manicures, and we love them all!

Why stick with one color when you can experiment with mixing colors that complement each other. Or, if you’re on the more adventurous side, go with opposite tonal colors.

Green was a popular color in 2021, but we have a feeling blue will take over.

Pantone’s 2022 color of the year is Very Peri Periwinkle, so we expect to see this color popping up everywhere in the nail trend.

Ombre nails are still going strong in 2022. We don’t expect to see it fading out anytime soon.

If you can’t always be extra, then let your nails be. A couple of stones will add that extra touch without being over the top.

Neutral Nails

Put it back in neutral. Neutrals are always a good choice when you can’t decide what to do. And who says neutrals must be boring?

The galaxy may seem like thousands of light-years away and so far out of reach. But we have the next best thing – galactic nails, and that’s almost like having the galaxy in the palm of our hands.

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