Gorgeous and Sparkling Photos Capturing the Sweet Memories of a Pregnant Mother with Her Daughter-010

Fall of last year, I had to make the decision to scale back on outdoor maternity photography. Although I do like being on location, with my son in school and my daughter approaching school in the fall- its much harder to be gone in the evenings, and my heart is to be at home with them as much as I can.

Second to that point is- I just LOVE studio maternity and baby photography sessions which for me personally, has ultimately have made me such a better photographer. ( In studio- there is always a little more pressure as you are just working with white walls and textures, that you really gotta be sure to nail those portraits and poses since you don’t have any nature pouring into the picture – all in all tho, worth those cozy and timeless shots in studio)

With that being said, I am happy to say I will be offering limited outdoor sessions during select months of the year and this beach happens to be one of my favorites.

The sand dunes, the empty horizon line ( never full of people) makes the best backdrop for that romantic and all around beach vibes for  maternity photography sessions. Sharing some of my favorite for this session, enjoy!!


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