Nail fashion has stood the test of time, with historical evidence showing that even in ancient times, women adorned their nails using herbs and natural pigments.This trend is now converted into a fashion statement and celebrities and popular names among the fashion industry are considered the fashion icon for their nail designs. There is a popular saying “nails can speak louder than words”. Well, yes because you show your nails before you speak. Nail Art is now a popular trend in India and many nail salons are providing their services across the country. Gorgeous designs add flair to your look and it clearly complements your attire for any party, function or special occasion. Even your usual attire can look sassy with beautiful nail art. Best nail designs which are latest in trend and are nail art designns for short nails, Ombre Designs, Jewel Nail Art, Glitter Nail Designs, Neon Nails, Nude Nails, Tropical Designs, Butterfly nail art, gel nail art, and matt finish. We provide all the hottest nail art designs at The 20 Nail Story. That’s why we are known as the best salon for nail art in Kolkata


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If you got short nails we got you covered. Short nails can look beautiful too thanks to the latest addition in the fashion world NAIL EXTENSION. If you never managed to grow your nails naturally no worries at all nail extensions are the best solution for you! Nails extension is basically an artificial tip skilfully glued to your original nail to give them length and strength. We provide nail extension services and you can get the perfect shape for your nails in no time. Acrylic Nail Extension and Gel Nail Extension are popular two types of Nail Extensions. You can choose the length and shape of your choice. Almond shape, square shape, square shape with pointed corners, oval shape, and more. We are known as the best salon for nail extension in Kolkata. Our trained professionals apply nail extensions like a pro. If you are also obsessed with long claws it’s your time to get them. We also provide tips to keep your glitter nail extension safe for a long time. We also provide refilling services at The 20 Nail Story.

Gel Nail Extension

We millennials are obsessed with beauty and fashion and we flaunt everything on social media these days. Whether it’s new nail art, nail extension, latest nail design or anything. You will find several nail related hashtags on Instagram and all of them are flooded with the best nail designs and best nail art. But what’s the first step to do that? Manicure, it’s the first step that is followed by the salon to clean any type of impurities from your fingernails. Manicure is the process to clean your nails, cuticles, dead skin if there is any and give them a fresh and hygienic look. We offer types of manicures like French manicure, American Manicure, manicure with glitter designs, manicure with decorative tips and more. Our salon provides the best manicure in Kolkata. You use your hands for every small task and they also deserve some care and love. Book a manicure appointment that’s the best you can do. We keep our salon extremely hygienic and use imported products that are safe for your skin and can enhance the beauty of it.

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A wise woman once said: “Pedicure is like a vacation for your feet”. This statement can well describe the situation. Our feet our continuously on run with us we all are running in the race of life. Pedicure not only cleans your feet but also gives them a break, relaxation and it’s like therapy. Pedicure gives you happy feet and clean toes. Scrubbing, massaging, cleaning and shaping of your nails are all part of the process. Exfoliation is important for the protection of your toes and feet. We at The 20 Nail Story understands it and we treat our customers with extreme care and love. Pedicure is also important to remove the dead skin from your heels and other parts of the feet. Our trained pedicure experts make you feel comfortable during the process and you can feel light and beautiful with our pedicure process. The 20 nail story is the best salon for pedicure in Kolkata. We provide the best services at the best price by our professional staff and enjoy.

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