Get Ready for a Sand Sculpting Spectacle: World Cup Returns to Atlantic City

Get ready for the second edition of the DO/AC World Cup of Sand Sculpting in Atlantic City this summer! From June 19 to July 6, this enthralling event will bring together 20 world-class sand sculptors, showcasing their awe-inspiring creations. Organized by the renowned sand sculptor John Gowdy, the competition promises to mesmerize visitors with captivating sand sculptures displayed along the Atlantic City boardwalk, making it a must-see attraction for tourists and art enthusiasts.image

The World Cup of Sand Sculpting has gathered 20 exceptionally skilled sand sculptors from around the globe. Handpicked by the event organizer himself, John Gowdy, these artists boast international acclaim for their impressive craftsmanship and creativity. With diverse backgrounds and unique styles, the participating sculptors are sure to amaze spectators with their artistic prowess.

For those seeking more reasons to visit Atlantic City this summer, the World Cup of Sand Sculpting offers an irresistible attraction. As visitors stroll along the famed Atlantic City boardwalk, they’ll be treated to a visual feast of sand sculptures that stand as testaments to human ingenuity and creativity. These ephemeral works of art will captivate onlookers, as they witness the transformation of ordinary sand into extraordinary sculptures of varying sizes and intricacy.


A major highlight of the World Cup of Sand Sculpting is that it offers free admission to all spectators. This inclusive approach ensures that anyone visiting Atlantic City during the competition dates can enjoy and appreciate the sand sculptures without any entry fees. This decision to provide free access not only encourages more people to attend but also allows families, locals, and tourists of all ages to experience the magic of sand art without financial barriers.

While the event is billed as a competition, the atmosphere remains supportive and cooperative among the participating sculptors. While vying for top honors and accolades, the sculptors often share tips, techniques, and camaraderie, creating a sense of artistic community throughout the event. This spirit of collaboration enriches the experience for both the artists and the audience, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration.


The World Cup of Sand Sculpting offers interactive elements that engage visitors in the artistic process. Guests have the opportunity to witness live sand sculpting demonstrations by some of the participating artists, gaining insights into the intricate techniques employed in creating these remarkable structures. Additionally, select sculptures may be open to the public for touching, allowing spectators to feel the fine grains of sand that form these masterpieces.

The sand sculpting competition not only enhances Atlantic City’s appeal as a summer destination but also promotes cultural exchange. With artists hailing from various corners of the world, the event becomes a melting pot of ideas, styles, and artistic expressions. Visitors from different backgrounds can appreciate and learn about diverse art forms, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of global artistic heritage.


The DO/AC World Cup of Sand Sculpting is an unmissable event that adds an extra layer of allure to Atlantic City’s boardwalk during the summer season. With its stunning display of sand sculptures crafted by 20 world-class artists, the competition promises to be a visual spectacle like no other. As visitors from all walks of life come together to witness these temporary masterpieces, the event not only showcases artistic brilliance but also promotes creativity, cultural exchange, and the joy of artistic expression. So, if you’re planning a trip to Atlantic City this summer, don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of sand sculpting at its finest.



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