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The unbeaten boxer, Floyd Mayweather, made headlines recently for his association with Instagram model, Gallienne Nabila. Mayweather’s name drew significant attention after his exhibition fight against John Gotti III turned into a chaotic brawl, leading to Gotti III’s disqualification by the referee. In the aftermath of the intense altercation, Mayweather was seen in the company of Gallienne during his visit to Paris.Gallienne Nabila and Floyd Mayweather once dated

Throughout his boxing career, Floyd Mayweather had two known romantic interests. They are Josie Harris and Melissa Brim. He focused more on his career than his personal life. However, after retirement, the undefeated boxer is rumored to link up with other women. Gallienne Nabila is one among them.

Gallienne Nabila is a model based in America. She has a history of working with high-profile companies like Vogue and Fashion Nova. Nabila remains a popular social media influencer. Nabila and Mayweather dated for some time in 2019.

Gallienne Nabila and Floyd Mayweather
Gallienne Nabila and Floyd Mayweather (Image Courtesy – The US Sun)

It was before the undefeated boxer started dating Anna Monroe. Despite the breakup and moving on their separate ways, Nabila and Mayweather remained friendly. Mayweather even attended her 25th birthday last year and bought her a surprise gift.

The paparazzi remain highly interested in the life of Nabila and Mayweather. They have taken multiple pictures of the duo on numerous occasions. Mayweather’s relationship with Anna Monroe broke off when the paparazzi released a picture of Nabila and Mayweather.

Nabila briefly dated Mayweather in 2019. The LA-based model joined the popular social media platform in April 2017. Over the course of the last six years, Nabila has posted over 1000 images and reels on the platform.

Gallienne Nabila attending events with Floyd Mayweather
Gallienne Nabila attending events with Floyd Mayweather (Image Courtesy – Daily Mail/Instagram)

Nabila also amassed over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The young model uses the platform to increase her reach as a social media influencer. Nabila posts on her Instagram on a regular basis, updating her fans on her activities.

She is an Instagram model.

Gallienne dated Floyd Mayweather in 2019.



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