Fine Dining with Giant Pandas: A Table Set for Four in the Cutest Encounter-011

In a delightful and amusing scene, four giant pandas were captured sharing a meal of apples around a small wooden table. The pandas, at Chongqing Zoo in China, often feature in videos online eating lunch together. In the unusual photograph, the animals sit upright and politely eat their snacks.

Giant pandas eat up to 38kg of bamboo every day. The pandas appear human-like as they snack on apples. China has brought the animals back from the brink of extinction through a programme to recreate and extend bamboo forests.


Pandas are a national icon in China. The country has long used them as a diplomatic tool, giving them to other nations as a symbol of friendship.

Four giant pandas were photographed sitting around a table

There are currently two giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, Yang Guang and Tian Tian, who will remain there until the end of this year.

The pandas appear human-like during the interaction





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