Exploring Undersea Graveyards: Unveiling the Secrets of Subaquatic Cemeteries

Cemetery is a place where nothing attractive but a cemetery under the sea is mysterious, strange and something new.

If you are passionate about discovering interesting and strange things and love to explore the life of creatures on the ocean floor, then that strange site under the sea is located in Miami, Florida, I will be the destination. for you this summer.

Just off the coast of Miami there is a site that is literally under the sea, notable for the presence of a new smoke of coral forming. This is not a population of marine life created by nature, but with human hands in the construction of a special last resort called the cemetery under the sea.

Thám hiểm nghĩa trang dưới đáy biển

The cemetery is called Neptune Memorial Reef, this is considered a unique cemetery and also plays an important role in creating a new ecosystem in the ocean.

Neptune Memorial Reef is located 15 meters below the waves, the cemetery grounds are designed not much differently on land with a gate opening to the entrance.

The cemetery has an area of ​​over 180,000 m2 with statues, steles, paths and even benches to rest. One can notice that the only difference of this cemetery is that visitors must wear diving suits and wear oxygen tanks instead of bringing flowers to visit the resting person like on land.

Thám hiểm nghĩa trang dưới đáy biển

It is known that the idea of placing old statues or ships on the seabed to create habitats for creatures is not new, but Neptune Memorial Reef is the first cemetery built in this unusual form.

Since then, a new coral reef has been formed, proving that life has been revived in a place where there is only mourning and death like a cemetery.

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Thám hiểm nghĩa trang dưới đáy biển

Surely the beauty of the ocean and the uniqueness of the construction idea of Neptune Memorial Reef Cemetery will delight you and have many memorable and unforgettable memories in this place.

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