Elephant SOS: Helicopter Team’s Heroic Response to a Mother’s Plea, Leading to a Tearful Reunion

A trapped baby elephant is rescued from a pond by a helicopter team in a heartwarming video.

The elephant was left stranded when its short legs meant it could not hop out of the shallow ditch in the Kenyan outback.

During the footage the baby reaches out with its tiny trunk to its mother, but she is unable to pull her young out of the watering hole and can only pace around the pond and keep watch.

Baby elephant reunited with its mum after being rescued from pond


Pictured: The baby elephant is stuck in the watering hole as its mother helplessly stands guard


Pictured: The rescue team from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust sprint to the scene and help the young elephant

The future looks bleak for the baby, as without a way out of the watering hole it is vulnerable to predators or could starve to death.

But suddenly, a helicopter approaches in the sky above.

A rescue team from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust burst onto the scene and sprint over to the stricken youngster.

They jump into the watering hole and gently roll the elephant out of the pond and back onto its feet.

The baby then trots over to be reunited with its mother.


Pictured: The team roll the elephant out of the watering hole in the Kenyan outback


Pictured: After rolling the baby out of the watering hole the team gently push it on its way


Pictured: The baby is reunited with its mother after being rescued by the team from the Trust

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