Dwyane Wade: From NBA Glory to Heartwarming Moments as a Proud Father

Wade has a son, Xavier, who is ten years old, and two daughters, Zaire, who is twenty-one and Zaya, who is sixteen, with his ex-wife Siovaughn Funches. Kaavia James, who is five years old, was born to Wade and actress Gabrielle Union in 2018. Dahveon Morris, Wade’s nephew, is 21 years old, and he is also his legal guardian.


Raising a blended family is something that Wade and Union have discussed openly. Union said in 2017 that she had a complete paradigm shift regarding her future goals after meeting Wade and his children.

“I never wаnted kids,” she tоld PEоPLE. “Then I becаme а stepmоm, аnd there wаs nо plаce I’d rаther be thаn with them.”The first children’s book written by Union was a “love letter to every non-traditional family, blended families, that no matter how you became a new family, it is beautiful and real.” Union characterized it to PEOPLE as such after welcoming Kaavia.

Wade stated to PEOPLE in 2021 that he and his wife make an effort to “get to know” their children. “I try to meet them where they’re at, and I don’t try to always bring them to where I want them to be,” according to him.

Another crucial thing, according to the athlete, is to “lead with love.”


“I want to be somebody who my kids always understand, that can adapt, and that is willing to grow and is willing to learn,” he stated in 2021 to PEOPLE. “Also, someone that they can come to for advice about this, that or the third, and that will not be judgmental about it.”

A question on the Florida lawmakers who support Wade but oppose LGBTQ rights came up during his April 2023 appearance on Headliners.

The ex-Miami Heat star joked, “That’s another reason why I don’t live in that state,” when asked about moving his family to California. “A lot of people don’t know that. I have to make decisions for my family, not just personal, individual decisions. My family would not be accepted or feel comfortable there.”

The complete story of Dwyane Wade’s blended family is told here.


Shaun Morris, twenty-one

Courts granted Wade primary custody of his nephew Dahveon Morris in 2011. Having played basketball together while attending Sierra Canyon School, Dahveon and Zaire are extremely close cousins. Union, who starred in Cheaper by the Dozen, took to Instagram in April 2019 to document the extravagant prom celebration that Wade and Union hosted for their nephew. She jotted down “PROM!!!!!” next to a sentimental family photo.

Zairé Wade, twenty-oneWade married his high school sweetheart at the time, Funches, and they had a son, Zaire Wade, on February 4, 2002. Wade became a father for the first time at the tender age of twenty.

Dwyane Wade's Kids: Everything to Know

From an early age, Zaire aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps and play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He attended the illustrious Sierra Canyon School in the Los Angeles area, where he played high school basketball with Bronny James, son of LeBron James.

Although he has benefited from inherited athleticism to a certain extent, carrying on his father’s surname has subjected him to immense scrutiny and demands. Although Wade has acknowledged that he is only a “passenger seat” to his son’s basketball career, Zaire is fortunate to have his support.


“He’s in the driver’s seаt,” Wаde stаted tо PEоPLE in 2020. “If bаsketbаll is the ultimаte gоаl, then I’m just trying tо help him аlоng the wаy, understаnding there’s sо mаny different wаys tо get tо this gоаl.” аccоrding tо him, “There’s sо mаny different wаys tо get tо the NBа оr tо get thаt pаth … Sо, [I’m] just trying tо help him nаvigаte thrоugh expectаtiоns thаt the wоrld hаs put оn him, аnd thаt he puts оn himself becаuse оf his lаst nаme.”Zaire finally got his wish in October 2021 when the Salt Lake City Stars selected him with the tenth overall choice in the draught.

Zaire James, expressing gratitude for the opportunity with the Stars, emphasized his commitment to development in basketball at a young age.
PIC] Gabrielle Union's Wedding to Dwyane Wade: Kids & Nephew Were In Attendance – Hollywood Life

Beyond sports, Zaire is the founder of YnG DNA, collaborating with his father on a pride collection supporting LGBTQI+ equality. Wade celebrated Zaire’s 21st birthday, expressing pride in his son’s maturity.

Zaya Wade, born in 2007, came out as transgender in 2020, supported by her family despite online trolling. The family’s advocacy earned them a spot on Time’s 100 Most Influential People list.

In May 2023, Zaya turned sixteen, celebrated by Wade and Union. The family’s commitment to inclusivity led them to relocate to California.

Wade’s memoir, “Dwyane,” explores his journey as a father, highlighting co-parenting complexities with his youngest son, Xavier, born in 2013.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's Cutest Family Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Kaavia James, born in 2018 through surrogacy, inspired Union’s children’s book, “Welcome to the Party.” The family celebrated Kaavia’s fifth birthday with a princess-themed party in November 2023.

The Union-Wade family continues to navigate parenthood with love, openness, and unwavering support for each child’s unique journey.

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