Complete joy after 13 years: Nigerian woman welcomes adorable twins into her arms-010

Joy and happiness fill the hearts of Ms. Rita Emuh Onyekachukwu and her husband as they celebrate the arrival of their long-awaited blessings – a set of twins! After 13 years of hopeful anticipation, their dreams have come true. Ms. Rita couldn’t contain her excitement and took to her Facebook page to share the wonderful news with her followers, spreading the joy far and wide.


The naming ceremony was a momentous occasion, and everyone in attendance couldn’t help but share in the couple’s happiness. It was a day filled with smiles, laughter, and tears of joy as they welcomed the newest members of their family.


The twins are sure to be surrounded by love and warmth, cherished by their parents and all those who have been eagerly waiting for their arrival. May this be the beginning of a beautiful and blessed journey for the entire family! The new mom recently took to the Facebook page to share the good news with her followers.


Taking photos of the event, Mɾs Onyekachukwu wrote:

“I am as haρρy as a bee, you made it to my son’s special day. You know that our life is as sweet as honey.

“Even the thoughts of life can’t stop me from letting you know how grateful I am that you made the time come. Thank you for being the protagonist of this historic day in the life of our family. Thank you for the ρɾayeɾs, money, gifts. Holy Lord, thank you for blessing me with twins after 13 years of waiting. I am thankful for Loɾd.”

See more photos below:



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