“Compelling Photos Unveiling the Challenges of Breastfeeding Twins Shared by a Mother”-005

On Instagram, the mother of three candidly shares the hurdles she faces in the journey of motherhood.


Ashley Graham became a second-time mother in January when she gave birth to twins Malachi and Roman, after the birth of her first child, Isaac. The model is battling the fatigue characteristic of new moms in order to provide the two infants with all the necessary affection and breast milk.


Friday, the 34-year-old posted a photo on Instagram while nursing her two children simultaneously. “Tired. But, we’re here,” she said with the photo.

The supermodel and her husband, Justin Ervin, received their two daughters on January 7, and Ashley has never concealed her difficulties as a mother of three, particularly her difficulties with nursing, on social media.


Graham said a month ago that she learnt to feed his sons simultaneously, although with some difficulty. Before the two begin to connect correctly, “a few weeks of trial and error” and “many tears” are required.

The model posted a photo to her Instagram Stories that depicted her ‘typical nursing posture,’ which consisted of her sitting on a chair with both infants splayed over her chest. Ashley was already a mother to Isaac when she gave birth to the twins; however, whereas nursing Isaac was simple and required just “a day or two,” the same could not be said for the twins.


Graham was open in a recent interview about the consequences of motherhood that every woman experiences but does not discuss. She discusses, for instance, “how your body changes throughout pregnancy, including stretch marks and sagging skin, formula, and nursing.”

Graham adds the consideration of how others advise you to feed your kid. She emphasizes that despite of societal expectations, every woman has the choice to decide if breastfeeding is good for her.

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