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Christine Quinn, known for her bold fashion choices and fearless personality on the hit reality show “Selling Sunset,” made waves at the Georges Hobeika Paris Fashion Week show with her daring and captivating style. The stunning model left practically nothing to the imagination as she graced the runway in a sheer gown, showcasing her confidence and embracing her unique sense of fashion.

Woah! Christine Quinn was keen to maintain her icon status as she made a bold appearance at the Georges Hobeika Paris Fashion Week show on Monday

Quinn, who has always been unapologetically herself, proved once again that she is not afraid to push boundaries and challenge traditional fashion norms. Her choice to go braless in the sheer gown added an element of intrigue and sensuality to her look, capturing the attention of the audience and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Sizzling: The gown was a statement all its own, while Christine upped the glam by shedding a bra

Georges Hobeika, a renowned Lebanese fashion designer, is known for his intricate and ethereal creations. Quinn’s sheer gown, from his collection showcased at Paris Fashion Week, exemplified his talent for blending elegance with a touch of risqué.

Wow! The Selling Sunset star, 34, left very little to the imagination in a sheer gown with a lengthy hem, under which she wore no bra

As Quinn walked down the runway, her sheer gown draped beautifully against her body, accentuating her curves and leaving little to the imagination. The strategically placed embellishments and delicate lacework added a touch of glamour, while still allowing her to exude confidence and poise.

Who needs models? Before the show began, Christine made the catwalk her own by staging an impromptu photo shoot

By embracing her body and opting for a braless look, Quinn challenges society’s beauty standards and promotes body positivity. Her fearlessness in embracing her unique style encourages others to celebrate their own individuality and feel empowered in their fashion choices.

Stunners: Christine posed alongside German influencer Leonie Hanne at the show

Christine rose to fame working at the real estate agency The Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset, but last year she left the show after quitting the group.

Sensational: Her taut abs were on display for all to see

Recently, when asked if she will be binging the reality series, the TV personality stated that she would not be watching the show.

‘I have my girls that I absolutely love, and I’m so supportive of them. But for me, I don’t think I’ll watch the show just because I want to know them for who they are and not what they’re edited to be,’ the real estate broker told E! News.

The mother-of-one continued: ‘So for me, I probably won’t watch it. But I did hear that my name was being dropped in the trailer.’Sensational: Her taut abs were on display for all to see

Despite past tensions with many of her former costars, in particular with Chrishell Stause, the Dallas native revealed she is no longer feuding with her former rival.

‘I feel like Chrishell and I are actually not on bad terms,’ she continued. ‘We really aren’t.’

Christine pointed out when she tweeted Chrishell about being ‘open to reconciliation’ that All My Children alum, 41, ‘hearted it.’

‘There was like a cute little convo. So, who knows what the future holds?’ she said.

The sheer gown worn by Quinn at the Georges Hobeika Paris Fashion Week show serves as a reminder that fashion is an art form, allowing individuals to express themselves and make a statement. Quinn’s bold choice undoubtedly sparked conversations and left a lasting impression on the fashion industry.Swim away: All that protected her modesty was her tumbling blonde locks, which afforded the show-stopping ensemble a mermaid vibe

As a prominent figure in the entertainment world and a fashion icon in her own right, Christine Quinn continues to captivate audiences with her fearless approach to style. Her presence at the Georges Hobeika Paris Fashion Week show not only showcased her ability to command attention but also highlighted her passion for pushing boundaries and redefining fashion norms.A vision: She looked nothing short of sensational in her risky look

In April, Christine made headlines for sharing some candid thoughts about her time on Selling Sunset while appearing on Savannah Chrisley’s podcast Unlocked.\n

During the interview, the Netflix star claimed that she didn’t get as many listings as other cast members because she wasn’t ‘bangin’ the boss.’

Christine also alleged that Chrishell – who was dating Oppenheim Group co-founder Jason Oppenheim, 46, at the time – received ‘preferential treatment’ due to their relationship.Smouldering: The ladies gave their all to the cameras

‘It’s wild,’ the reality TV star said. ‘That’s why I was so s****y at real estate. Because I never f****d my boss,’ she mused.

Christine pointed out: ‘She’s only sold three houses. One including her own. The difference is she got preferential treatment when it came to filming the show and having listings on the show, which was more important than real life.’Look at me! Her plump pout was heavily outlined

Chrishell and Jason went public with their relationship in July 2021. However the union ended by the end of the year partly due to Chrishell’s desire to start a family.\n

Jason also previously dated cast members Mary Fitzgerald and Nicole Young.A vision: Katya Tolstova opted for a statement silhouette


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