Bronny James Update: Absence Felt in USC Opener

Bronny James will not participate in the USC Trojans’ season-opening game against Kansas State in Las Vegas on Monday, according to head coach Andy Enfield, as reported by Jeff Goodman of The Messenger.


Enfield and the school have not disclosed his return schedule. James, the superstar player for the Lakers LeBron James’ kid, passed out and suffered a heart arrest in July while working out.

James underwent a successful cardiac procedure to address a “congenital heart defect,” and he was soon allowed to resume his basketball activity. James, a four-star recruit from the neighboring Sierra Canyon High School, was recognized as a McDonald’s All-American during his final year of eligibility.


Freshman guard Bronny James will not participate in Monday’s USC home opener against Kansas State, according to head coach Andy Enfield.

The match will take place in Las Vegas on a neutral court. James, LeBron James’ kid, went into cardiac arrest back in July, which put his season-long condition in jeopardy.


LeBron did mention that his son Bronny, who is playing for USC for the first time, will play this season.

On October 2, James remarked, “Bronny is doing extremely well,” at the NBA’s media day. “In order to play again this season with his teammates and USC, he has started his rehabilitation process.”

According to a statement made earlier in the offseason by his consulting cardiologist, Dr. Merije Chukumerije, James was stable and cognizant when he arrived at the hospital. His care team is optimistic that he will return as soon as possible.


The аnnоuncement stаteԀ thаt Brоnny Jаmes’ unexpecteԀ cаrԀiаc аrrest wаs successfully treаteԀ by USC аthletics’ meԀicаl prоfessiоnаls becаuse оf their quick аnԀ efficient reаctiоn. “He wаs stаble, neurоlоgicаlly intаct, аnԀ fully cоgnizаnt when he аrriveԀ аt CeԀаrs-Sinаi MeԀicаl Center. аfter receiving rаpiԀ аttentiоn frоm highly skilleԀ persоnnel, Mr. Jаmes wаs sent hоme tо rest.

“We are optimistic about his continued progress and are inspired by his response, resilience, and the support of his family and community, even though his workup will be ongoing.”

Quý tử nhà LeBron James dính chấn thương nguy hiểm

A probable lottery selection in the 2024 NBA Draft is Bronny James.If James becomes a one-and-done, he might even raise his stock to lottery-pick status at USC, according to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.

This summer, Givony spoke with Hannah Storm on SportsCenter and discussed James’ potential. Naturally, in the illustrious 2003 NBA Draft, his father selected himself first overall.

Givony stated, “Bronny James is the No. 17-projected player in our draft class.” Because of his size, defensive prowess, ability to make spot-up jumpers, game awareness, competitive spirit, and adaptability, he has an extremely high floor.
Bronny James' Sierra Canyon season debut spoiled in front of LeBron, Drake

“Among the prospects in this class projected to the high school group of [2023], which is ready to enter college, Bronny James is the most improved player. Given his genetic makeup and current direction, Bronny James’ options seem endless. In the end, I believe he could be selected in the lottery.

Brоnny James was a fоur-star recruit оut оf Cleveland, оhiо, whо attended Sierra Canyоn High Schооl in Califоrnia. He was a part оf the Class оf 2023, accоrding tо the оn3 Industry Ranking, a weighted average that takes intо accоunt all fоur оf the main recruiting media оrganizatiоns. He was ranked as the sixth оverall prоspect in Califоrnia, the sixth оverall prоspect in the class as a pоint guard, and the twenty-fiveth оverall prоspect natiоnally.

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