Breaking breed rules Species: This giant African elephant can climb tree branches gracefully

A DARING elephant got himself into a bit of a pickle after becoming stuck up a tree as he looked for food.

The giant beast was doing the rounds for his herd he became stranded in unknown territory.

After climbing up a giant termite mound, the male African nelly was able to stretch onto a nearbyTamarind tree and enjoy the best picks of the delicious fruit.

Unfortunately for the tree-climbing brute, it was a bit of a jump down.


Photographer Bryan Jackson who took the incredible shots said it’s not uncommon to see elephants trying to scale trees for food.

He said: “The young male climbed the Termite mound to get easier access to the fruit in the Tamarind tree.


“They love the fruit and can be often seen standing on their hind legs stretching their trunks up to pick the fruit.

“Elephants will move from tree to tree looking for fruit – the tree is a soft wood and Elephants will often break branches off to get at the fruit.”

The 61-year-old, who snapped the elephant when he worked as a a wildlife guide in South Luangwa National park, Zambia, said that the clever animals will shake the tree to knock food to the ground.

He said: “There were a couple of other elephants feeding on the fruit that had fallen to the ground.

“Baboons will often drop fruit when they are feeding high up in the trees, makes it easier for Elephants and other animals to feed.”

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