Beyond the Court: NBA’s Striking Embrace of City Edition, Unveiling Lakers’ Jerseys

For the 2023–24 season, the NBA is putting up a significant effort into its City Edition push, which includes the release of Los Angeles Lakers City Edition jerseys.

The NBA’s regular season tournament games will be played on courts intended to complement the uniforms worn by the players.

I hear the Lakers have a new uniform. Read on to find out more.

The courts in City Edition are nearly identical to the uniforms that come with it. The Lakers went for their classic and instantly recognizable purple and gold for this game.


Definitely a risky style, and we can’t wait to see how it fares in a real game.

However, our purpose here is to discuss the brand-new outfits, which can be purchased right this second at Fanatics.

You can observe that these uniforms include elements from different eras. Although the squad has adopted a black alternate uniform in recent years, the emblem itself is a straight throwback to the 1960s.

The Lakers’ City Edition jerseys, caps, tees, and hoodies are now available for pre-order.

Previously on NBA City Edition

All NBA teams debuted their new uniforms in 2017 thanks to a collaboration between Nike and the NBA.

Most spectators have approved of the designs, finding symbolic resonance with the city’s history and the diehard fans who fill the arena on game days.

We think thаt the 2018-2019 seаsоn feаtured the best оverаll designs. Hоwever, аfter the teаms’ designers reveаl their thоught prоcesses аnd finаl decisiоns, the uniqueness оf eаch unifоrm becоmes reаdily аppаrent.

It’s plain to see that this endeavor was fruitful. The Major League Baseball (MLB) has experienced such success with its ‘City Connect’ uniforms that they have decided to adopt a similar strategy.


When will teams start donning their City Edition threads?

The new uniforms will be used frequently by the teams throughout the season.

If yоu mаke а purchаse аfter clicking оn оne оf the pоst’s аffiliаte links, we mаy get а cоmmissiоn. аt the time оf writing, the listed price аnd quаntity were bоth cоrrect.

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