Behind the Scenes: Steph Curry’s Family Man Persona Beyond the Three-Point Line

Steph Curry playfully quipped that his three children have a rather nonchalant attitude towards his scoring prowess.

The renowned 34-year-old NBA champion, who is a proud father to daughters Riley (10) and Ryan (7), as well as son Canon (4), with his wife Ayesha Curry (33), shared lighthearted insights about his kids during an interview with E! News at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards.

Steph Curry’s Kids Unfazed by His Basketball Prowess: At Home, He’s Just Dad.

Asked if his children are “impressed” with him “as other people are,” Curry, the honoree for the evening, said, “I would hope to say yes but probably for different reasons. I don’t think they care too much about how many times the ball goes in the basket.”


The father of three added, “They’ve been to a couple parades and all that, so they enjoy the festivities of celebrating a championship. But when you’re at home you’re just Dad and that’s the best part about it.”

Steph Curry’s Kids Unfazed by His Basketball Prowess: At Home, He’s Just Dad.

“You get to watch them grow and blossom and find their personality and support them and have fun with them. They like my goofiness and the way you just show up at home more than anything,” Curry added.

As for whether his children are budding athletes themselves, he said Riley is currently “interested in volleyball” while Ryan “is still figuring out if sports is her thing or not. Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer there.”

Steph Curry posts adorable video of his one-year-old son working out on Instagram | Basketball News

He also said Canon is “pretty athletic from what I can see.”

“There’s no pressure either way. We just want them to find what they love and support them.”

Also during the chat, Curry credited his family for their support over his career, calling them “the gas in the engine” for giving him “the space to invest in my craft, and the amount of sacrifice it takes to work at that level, but also the unconditional support of wins, losses, great games, bad games, they’re there and I hope to be there for them in all that life throws at us.”

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He conceded that basketball “is gonna end at some point,” but he’s looking forward to sharing his experiences with his children.

One of those experiences is playing basketball with Canon.

The Golden State Warriors star hit the court with his son for some adorable bonding time in August.

Just like dad! See Steph Curry's son, 3, dribble two basketballs at once

He shared a set of black-and-white photos of the cute practice on Instagram, where his son wears a pint-sized basketball uniform with Curry’s jersey number 30 on the back.

“Saturdays are for the Curry Boys ,” he captioned the photos, which show the progression of him and his son passing the ball back and forth.

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