Basketball Superstar Stephen Curry showcases incredible shooting skills in viral video-010

Stephen Curry continues to amass victories, even when he is not actively playing basketball. This week, he achieved another win in the form of a viral moment on Twitter during a celebrity golf tournament held at Lake Tahoe.

The video captures a 30-second clip of Curry pausing during his walk on the course to take a three-point shot. Impressively, he successfully sinks the shot on his first attempt, eliciting cheers and celebration from the surrounding crowd.

As the greatest basketball shooter of all time, it should be no surprise to anyone that he hit that shot. What’s more impressive is the crowd’s reaction. For such a simple shot, the fans were really loud and it just goes to show how much energy Steph brings with him wherever he goes.Video: Steph Curry in Golden State Warriors Practice With Boot Off - Inside  the Warriors

Besides this clip, it’s been a relatively quiet summer for Curry, who seems to be taking it easy and laying low in preparation for his 15th NBA season. With Jordan Poole no longer on the roster, the Dubs have renewed their commitment to winning, and the pressure will be on for Curry to lead them to some level of success in the West.

At 35 years old, it’s no secret that Steph is getting up there in years, and he’s closer to the end than the beginning.

“If Steph doesn’t get stronger post-2020, he’s still Steph Curry, and he’s still shooting the piss out of the ball, but him getting as strong as he got actually changed his game,” said Draymond Green. “It’s actually made him much more effective. You can’t run him off his spot, you can’t just bump him, and he’s falling over. He’s getting to where he wants to go.”NBA : Un immense Stephen Curry pour relever les Golden State Warriors face  aux Sacramento Kings - Eurosport

Needless to say, expectations are high for the Warriors next season. They always are when Stephen Curry is involved. But it seems like Dubs fans can rest easy because no. 30 is always warmed up and ready hit his shots.

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