Austin Reaves Reveals Untold Fun Facts About LeBron James “He Acts Like He’s 18”-010

Playing with his son is not the only record he may set in the near future if Andre Iguodala is not signed to a contract before the start of the 2023-2024 NBA season. This event would make LeBron the oldest active player in the NBA at 38 years and 200 days old.

One can only assume this sheer tenure of play could have taken a mental toll on James’ mind but according to reports from other players, this doesn’t seem to be the case. LeBron still has the same energy and drive he possessed on day 1 and apparently acts like a teenager in the locker room.

Austin Reaves talks about LeBron James in the locker room on a podcast

Austin Reaves has become the Los Angeles Lakers‘ resident young superstar. A new fan-favorite of the fans, Reaves’ play has become vital to the team’s success, with him even hitting a few clutch shots in the playoffs. LeBron James himself has seemingly taken Austin under his wing and has become his mentor. Steve Kerr praises Austin Reaves ahead of FIBA World Cup

James can often be seen coaching him through plays on the floor and Reaves looks to be a willing mentee. Who wouldn’t be when being under the tutelage of arguably the greatest player of all time?

Throughout his career, LeBron has made a name for himself as an easy-going personality off of the NBA hardwood. There have never been reports of locker-room misconduct from ‘The King’ and Austin Reaves may have provided us with the reason why.


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