Amazing Sight: Python’s Ingenious Escape Plan with Toad Herd Amidst Storm-011

The snake was found in Kununurra in Western Australia and a picture of the bizarre scene was shared on social media.

At least 10 cane toads were latched onto the snake’s back as it slithered through the dead of the night.

Another four appeared to have jumped off by the time the picture was snapped.


Most animals in the region are well aware that cane toads aren’t a safe meal, and generally avoid attempting to eat the pests for fear of being poisoned.

The reason behind a viral image of several cane toads catching a ride on the back of a python has been revealed (pictured)

When toads are threatened they secrete a milky-white fluid known as bufotoxin that’s toxic to many animals.

One user went so far as to say the snake had no choice but to carry the pests on its back.

‘The thing is, the snake probably knows not to eat them so he can’t attack them to get them off,’ one person said.

‘I suppose it could roll around on the grass if it wanted to.

‘This is the pinnacle of cane toad domination,’ said another.

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