January 27, 2023

After 12 Years Welcome The First Son, Mom 43 Years Old Who Struggled To 5 Times IVF Conceive Reveals How She Ended Up Welcoming Four Kids In 13 Months

After 12 Years Welcome The First Son, Mom 43 Years Old Who Struggled To 5 Times IVF Conceive Reveals How She Ended Up Welcoming Four Kids In 13 Months

Managing director Tracy Park, 43, from New York, was 30 when she gave birth to her first child, Hunter, who was conceived naturally in October 2006; Because they thought they were young and taked care of their business and earn money, the couple had not considered having more children. Until more than 10 years after her job and economy stabilized, the couple decided to had more siblings for their first son when she was 42 years old.

However, after trying for a year, they were told by their doctors that they couldn’t conceive naturally and that IVF was their only option. Due to high age , Tracy’s ovarian reserve was low compared to the natural pregnancy index. So she decided to use IVF right after that. But luckily did not happen at 4 times.

In 2016, they tried four times through IVF for a baby, but none were successful, she decided to try surrogacy, through an agency, to increase her chances. A few months later, she was delighted to discover that one of her IVF treatments worked and she was pregnant with her second child, Harlow, now 18 months, who was born in August 2017. Meanwhile, her surrogate was also pregnant with not just one baby, but twins, which initially left Tracy and Peter overwhelmed, realizing they had to make room for their big family.

Her twins, Piper and Presley, were born in January 2018, and eight months later, once they moved into a larger house, Tracy discovered she was pregnant with a fifth child, Dylan, n, who was born in September 2018.

Now Tracy and Peter want to encourage people not to give up on their dreams to become parents and they share their journey with over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

‘I got pregnant easily at 30 with my first son, but at 40 it was much harder; I tried for a second child for a year then we decided to do IVF,

We ended up doing IVF four times; we were not going to give up trying to have a baby. I always loved being a mom.You can only imagine the disappointment to learn that it did not take, and you have to do another month of shots, needles and giving blood. For me, insurance helped a lot with IVF because it was clear I needed it. It is definitely depressing when you do not get pregnant, but I was so determined. I knew if this did not take, I would explore other options like a surrogate.’ Tracy said. she had ever never gave up .

Now their dreams were coming true. They were in shock with Dylan because she got pregnant on her own after using a surrogate and doing IVF. Also, they had four kids in 13 months, they are having a big family they were dream.

And while Tracy and Peter confess that it can be overwhelming dealing with five children, they are thankful to have been able to expand their family and welcome as many babies as they did.

‘I think people should never give up trying to have a baby,’ Tracy said. ‘Technology is incredible but be open to different methods like IVF, surrogacy, adoption, fostering a child, etc. there is nothing like parenthood.’

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