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The arrival of quadruplet bear cubs at Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien was a delightful surprise for the staff and visitors alike. At twelve years old, the mama Black Bear showcased her exceptional parenting skills as she emerged from hibernation with her four adorable cubs in tow.

Quadruplet bear births are a rarity in the animal kingdom, and it is a testament to the mama bear’s robust health and size, as she is larger than the average bear. The zoo’s expert caretakers observed how she skillfully tended to her little ones, displaying a nurturing and protective demeanor that left everyone in awe.

Zoo Sauvage’s Black Bears are fortunate to roam freely in the vast expanse of Nature Trail Park, spanning an expansive 824 acres. The open habitat provides ample space for the bear family to explore, play, and experience life as closely as possible to their natural environment.

Baby Bear Cubs Zoo Sauvage Up Close 1

As the cubs grow and venture out into the park, visitors will have the privilege of witnessing their playful antics and heartwarming interactions with their doting mother. The zoo team will continue to monitor their progress and ensure that they have everything they need to thrive in this spacious and enriching environment.

Baby Bear Cubs Zoo Sauvage With Mom 1

The birth of these quadruplet cubs serves as a testament to the importance of conservation efforts and the commitment of places like Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien to preserve and protect these magnificent creatures. It also offers a unique opportunity for researchers and wildlife enthusiasts to study and appreciate the wonders of bear family dynamics in an expansive, natural setting.

When Zoo Sauvage’s twelve year old mama Black Bear emerged from the den after hibernation this spring, she brought a surprise… or four. Bear cub quadruplets are rare and usually reflect a healthy mother who is larger than your average bear – this she-bear fits the bill. Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien’s Black Bears live in an open 824 acre habitat called Nature Trail Park.


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