A remorseful owner’s journey of redemption with his loyal dog -005

There’s a young couple who just got married and are now living together in wedded bliss. However, the happiness didn’t last long, as the wife passed away soon after giving birth to a daughter.
The owner’s belated guilt for his terrible mistake with his devoted dog – AmazingUnitedState.Com

Since then, the husband has been both a father and a mother, busy with outside work and taking care of the housework. Work forces him to be out all day. Because he loved his daughter without anyone to accompany him, he bought a large dog to train, on the one hand to keep her company with his daughter, on the other hand, to have someone to take care of her when he was away.

The dog is very smart, obedient to the owner, knows how to take care of the child, even knows how to take a bottle of milk to bring to the owner to drink. Every day the boss goes out to work, the dog stays at home to take care of the owner very carefully.

One day, when he had to go away, the owner called the dog to come, signaled that he should stay at home to take care of the little owner carefully. After the “exploration” was over, he went to another village. There was a snowstorm that day, he couldn’t return during the day, his heart was like fire, he didn’t know how his daughter was at home.

Arriving at the place, he saw the happy dog ​​rushing out to meet him, wagging his tail and barking as if he wanted to say something. Pushing the door open, a horrifying scene unfolded before him: bloodstains all over the house, both on the bed and on the ground. He looked around in panic, saw no daughter, looked at the dog standing next to him, his mouth still covered with fresh blood. In his pain, he resentfully thought that while he was away from home, the wild instincts awakened, causing the unjust dog to eat the baby girl. Anger surged up, he grabbed the long knife… A cruel blow ended the dog’s life.

The owner’s belated guilt for his terrible mistake with his devoted dog – AmazingUnitedState.Com

Right after that, he suddenly heard a cry, his little daughter crawled out from under the bed. He rushed over and hugged the child. The girl had blood stains on her body, but there were no injuries.

He was surprised, not understanding what had happened. Why is the dog covered in blood, while the daughter is still intact? He took a look at the dog’s body, its calf had lost a large piece of flesh, still showing the bone. Looking around the house, he discovered in the corner of the house a wolf carcass loomed, with a piece of meat still in its mouth. All right! It was his loyal dog who sacrificed himself to save the little mistress, but was killed by the owner because of a misunderstanding…

A very serious and tragic misunderstanding!

The owner’s belated guilt for his terrible mistake with his devoted dog – AmazingUnitedState.Com

Wait, don’t rush to condemn anyone. Because you don’t know what their lives are like, what’s going on in their souls and what they’re trying to overcome.

This world can only be peaceful, humanity can only enjoy happiness, when each person knows how to come out of his selfish shell, and put himself in the situation of others in order to partially understand them. Do not rush to criticize, criticize, directly judge this person or another according to your thoughts. Everyone in life has a reason to do what they are doing.

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