A Lovely Moment: Michael Owen’s Wife and Daughter Pose Side by Side

Liverpool legend in a Bright Suit, Greeting Fans at Chester Racecourse on Boodles May Festival Ladies DayMichael Owen cùng vợ và con gái tới trường đua Chester hôm 5/5. Ảnh: Backgrid

On the second day of the Boodles May Festival Ladies Day, the Liverpool icon donned a fresh suit, beaming and waving to fans as he arrived at Chester Racecourse. However, he seemed to be overshadowed when walking alongside his wife, Louise, and their 19-year-old daughter, Gemma Rose. The mother and daughter duo showcased their “like mother, like daughter” beauty, looking strikingly similar as if they were sisters.

Louise chose a white lace dress with a cut on both sides of her waist, showing off her toned body at the age of 40. The mother of four looks young and fresh. Meanwhile, Gemma Rose is attractive thanks to a tight navy blue dress that flatters the blossoming curves of a 19-year-old girl. Daughter Michael Owen chose jewelry, bags and lace-up sandals to match her mother.

Bà xã Louise và con gái Gemma Rose của Owen trông như hai chị em. Ảnh: Backgrid
Owen’s wife Louise and daughter Gemma Rose look like sisters. Photo: Backgrid

Last month, Gemma Rose spoke up angrily when many people said she lived on her father’s money. “When I’m racing, if I do well, people comment like because my dad bought an expensive horse. Now I’m trying to run my own business they say I use my dad’s money. This happens often and I want to. made it clear that I built everything myself,” the teenage beauty said. Michael Owen’s daughter said her father was a tough guy and told her straight away that he wouldn’t be sponsoring her. Gemma Rose said her parents supported and encouraged her to stand on her own two feet, not depending on others.

Gemma Rose is the first daughter of former striker Michael Owen and his young wife Louise. He and his wife also have two daughters and a son, both in their teens. Owen’s first daughter was a horse racing player, now running a swimwear business. On May 1, Gemma Rose turned 19 years old. “19 happy years since you entered my life. Happy birthday @gem0wen”, Michael Owen posted a photo and wrote to congratulate his daughter.

Owen đăng ảnh chúc mừng con gái tròn 19 tuổi hôm 1/5. Ảnh: Instagram Michael Owen
Owen posted a photo to congratulate his daughter on turning 19 on May 1. Photo: Instagram Michael Owen

Michael Owen was born in 1979, is an English former football player. Once considered a “prodigy”, Owen was famous in the Liverpool shirt and won the 2001 Golden Ball. In 2004, he went to Real to play for a season and then returned to the foggy country to play for Newcastle for 4 years. After that, Owen joined MU and retired with Stoke City in 2013. Owen has 40 goals in 89 games for England. After leaving the field, the famous former striker worked as a commentator and devoted his love to horse racing.


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