A Dazzling Gift: Michael Jordan Surprises Daughter Jasmine with a Diamond-Encrusted Bracelet

Jasmine Jordan had the privilege of growing up in a household where financial constraints were non-existent. Being the daughter of the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, meant that a life of luxury was her everyday reality. Such opulence was exemplified when she received a dazzling diamond bracelet as a birthday present at the tender age of 7 or 8."It was a bracelet and it spelled out my name in diamonds.": Jasmine Jordan Recalls Father Michael Jordan's "Bulls-Inspired" Birthday Gift  

Talk about exorbitant, Michael nonchalantly gave his daughter a diamond bracelet as a birthday gift. And the best part is that it happens to be Jasmine’s favorite gift.

But not for the reasons you think. Yes, Jasmine recalled it as her most memorable one because of its eccentric nature and no we’re not talking about the diamonds.來認識一下麥可·喬丹的女兒茉莉·喬丹

Jasmine Jordan got a diamond bracelet that spelled out her name

In an interview with &scape, Jasmine described her most memorable gift and had this to say,

It might’ve been my 7th or 8th birthday. I can’t remember what age, but it was a bracelet and it spelled out my name in diamonds. The band was red, and I remember telling my dad, ‘I don’t even like the color red! Why are you giving me this red bracelet?’ He was like, ‘No, you’ll like it. Don’t worry. It looks good on you.’ Now I realize Bulls red, he couldn’t shake it if he wanted to.”

Yes, Michael was so obsessed with the Bulls that he didn’t even consider what his daughter’s favorite color would be. And instead got the bracelet that was red, Chicago Bulls red. And best of all is how MJ insisted that his daughter would eventually go on to like it.Michael Jordan's Daughter Reveals She Is Married Showing Her Huge Diamond Ring at Public Event

While she may be Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine is shaping the sneaker industry

Jasmine Jordan is not one to let privilege let her guide her. Instead, she is the kind of person who wishes to bring real change.

She holds a marketing role for the Jordan Brand and her aim is to bring more women into the fold. Just last year, the brand signed a series of WNBA athletes, a first.

This year, she hopes to go one step further. And while her dad might have given her an eccentric and memorable gift when she was just a child, he sure is proud of the waves his daughter is making.


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