January 30, 2023

8 Helpful Tips For First Time Mom Make Your Baby Marter

8 Helpful Tips For First Time Mom Make Your Baby Marter

1.Simple when taking care of baby’s skin

You shouldn’t use  soap and limit moisturizer to essential levels.  If your baby hasn’t been smooth skin, especially on sunny days ,  you can be applied moisturizer . When changing diapers, it is enough to use a medical cotton or a soft towel, plus warm water for cleaning.

2.Reading books you need to do for your  child early

That’s the way to improve your child’s intelligence. When your baby is 6-8 weeks old to up , choose a simple book with clear words and cute images to read to your baby. You can choose the book you like and beautiful , funny because you will read it to your baby for a long time and bring your emotions in that  without getting bored.  Reading has a positive effect  on language development and social communication.

3.Relaxation and healing

If your baby is b.loated or has a change in his s.tool  , let massge around   your baby’s belly . Try moving your baby’s legs like a bicyclist, flexing her legs toward her stomach and back, help your muscles develope.    Your baby’s stomach  is easily changed in the first 3 months and these simple movement help your baby “fart” well too, comfortable, and healthy.

4.Make eye contact face to face.

Face to face is the shortest  distance to your baby. Get close to your baby so she can see your face while you talk, have fun with them and they will feel more than confident . The more you look at your baby and talk to him, the more he wants to “say oh, and smile,” and follow your actions with you, that the moment you feel happy . This helps to build connections in the brain, help your baby become smarter.  At the same time, encourage comprehensive development for your baby.

5. Lying on his stomach

Tummy is a very important time for your baby’s movement skills. Your baby can lie  on his stomach when playing and talking with you with  helps the baby to quickly crawl and walk, because the ability to balance is exercised. Place your baby on his stomach  on a solf mat or toy mat and you can hang up a toy for your baby follow it.  every day as soon as he can lift his head. Start 4 times a day, each time for a few seconds up to a few minutes, gradually lifting time as the baby gets older. That make your  neck stronger.


When your baby starts trying to move, put his foot down so he can push forward.

7. Sit

Around 5-6 months old, your baby can sit on the floor with their legs in the V-position. Many babies tend to pull their legs together when sitting and that is very easy to fall. Placing your baby’s legs in the V-position with a toy in the middle will help your baby concentrate for balance. You can do this for a few minutes, several times a day. In a week, your baby will be able to balance better. However, you still need to support your baby’s wait so that he or she doesn’t fall, but don’t hold your baby too tightly.

8. Massage their body

Massage gently whole body  with almond oil and make it part of your daily routine. Need to choose a time when babies relax and rest to massage  from the chest make it warm  to the toes and fingers for the baby.

Do not worry and thinking that you massage the wrong way because any skin contact between mother and baby has special values. massage is a great way to stimalute  the baby’s immune system, help the digestive  system circulate and get rid of b.loating. In addition, it is also a lovely emotional bonding activity. Help your baby comprehensive development.


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