February 3, 2023

5 Newborn Reflexes When They Are Born With

5 Newborn Reflexes When They Are Born With

Ever wonder why your child does certain things, as though by instinct? Here are some primitive reflexes your little one has already developed.

Your baby is born with as many as 75 reflexes. Some baby reflexes disappear abruptly, usually between three and six months of age, while others are gradually replaced by more intentional behaviour.

Mouthing reflexes

This cluster of reflexes is all about survival. Stroke your baby’s cheek, and she’ll turn toward your touch with an open mouth. This rooting reflex helps her find and latch onto a nipple

Moro reflex

Ever seen a baby monkey clinging to its mother? If your baby is laid on his back too abruptly, feels his head is unsupported or is startled by a loud noise, he’ll throw his arms and legs forward as if grabbing on for dear life. It tells you he’d like to be moved more gently.

Stepping reflex

If you hold the baby upright with her feet touching a firm surface, she will lift her feet one after the other as if walking. If you hold her in standing position when she’s upset, she looks like she’s stomping her foot.”

Righting reflexes
Placed face down, your baby will turn his head to the side, ensuring he can breathe. And while on his back, if a blanket falls over his head, he will twist his head and flail his arms to push it away from his face—a potential lifesaver.

Galant reflexHold the baby belly down, lying on your forearm and hand. If you gently stroke along one side of her spine, she will arch her body toward that side.

Baby reflexes are checked in an exam soon after birth, and at subsequent well-baby visits, to rule out neurological problems. Confirm these reflexes are symmetrical, and that they extinguish at the proper time.


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