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With an influx of adorable kids’ pictures sent in by our readers, we couldn’t resist plucking out some hilarious expressions to tickle your funny bone. To make it even more entertaining, we paired these comical faces with famous baby quotes that are sure to bring on the laughs. Get ready for a dose of pure joy and cuteness overload!

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Closeup portrait of little boy with funny facial expression sitting on mother's knees and exploring laptopLightField Studios/Shutterstock

Paying bills is overrated

We have the same reaction when we first see our monthly statements.

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Cute happy smiling Asian baby infant feedingNATI PANDECH/Shutterstock

No food left behind

This adorable baby can’t let those extra bits of food go to waste. Next, check out these sweet baby shower wishes to send to expectant parents.

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funny baby standing in the bed and showing tongueElena Stepanova/Shutterstock

Thinking about his next meal…

He’s hoping for mashed banana and not green peas.

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Funny baby boy and young woman playing in nursery. Happy family having fun with colorful toys at home.Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock

Best friends

This baby is very impressed by this toy frog. For more cuteness overload, take a look at these adorable royal baby photos throughout history.

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funny baby boy eating healthy food in nurseryOksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock

Pasta is the best

Eating pasta with cheese and cheesing for the camera.

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A funny expression on baby girl face.Tita77/Shutterstock

Not impressed

This baby might have a future career in wrestling—or making funny faces.

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Feeding a childsupergenijalac/Shutterstock

When hunger meets confusion

“You want me to share my food?”

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Beautiful expressive adorable happy cute laughing smiling baby infant face showing tongue, isolated.Mazur Mariia/Shutterstock


There is always one kid in the family that causes mischief. Ripping up paper towels is just one of the many cutest mistakes children have made.

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An adorable and happy baby girl sits on a white background clapping her hands and smiling with excitement. She is Native American and Hispanic.In The Light Photography/Shutterstock

A round of applause

Put your hands together for this adorable little girl.

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Dirty baby boyRuslana Iurchenko/Shutterstock

Being a kid is tiring

Even babies run out of energy every once in a while—sometimes after a big meal.

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Beautiful baby on violet backgroundEsteban Die Ros/Shutterstock

The princess of pink

It’s not all fun and games, being a princess.

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Cute Caucasian Hispanic baby infant laying on belly lifting head making funny expression.Paul Hakimata Photography/Shutterstock

Model status

Although this tot is a little confused by the camera, he definitely knows how to work the angles and take good baby photos.

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Beautiful expressive adorable happy cute laughing smiling baby infant face. Newborn child relaxing in bed. Nursery for young children. Family morning at home. funny child in a fashionable red dressKOSTYAKOVA EKATERINA/Shutterstock

When will the pictures stop?

Both the bunny and the baby look like they are over taking photos.

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funny baby face,newborn with jaundice on white blanket, infant health care conceptAynur_sib/Shutterstock

Monday morning

There are only six and a half more hours before bedtime and counting.

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closeup portrait of adorable babyMax Bukovski/Shutterstock

Bath time

“I have to take a bath how often?”

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Baby face, cute baby is playingBranka Tasevski/Shutterstock

Baby boogers

Digging for gold is a childhood pastime, even though it’s not the cleanliest habit to have.

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Cute baby boy with milk mustache, indoor portraitMaria Symchych/Shutterstock

Milk mustache

A good milk mustache never goes out of style.

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Super cool baby. Hipster baby in fur vest and sunglasses lies on a white bed in a room with curtains. Baby smiles while putting on sunglasses.Pixel Prose Images/Shutterstock

Sunglasses and style

This baby girl is sporting a fur vest, classic sunnies, and an adorable smile.

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Portrait of a little african american baby boy playing outdoor in the grassSamuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock

Fresh air

If you thought you were excited about warm weather, check out this baby’s reaction. Want more adorable baby photos? Take a look to see if your name made the list of the most popular baby names from the year you were born.

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An Asian cute baby face, looking.Akkawat Sripoomsawatt/Shutterstock

The face of confusion

No pictures, please. Maybe this baby isn’t a fan of the camera. His baby photos are adorable anyway, though!

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Facial expressions of a baby while taking bath.ellinnur bakarudin/Shutterstock


We’ll never know what caused this reaction, but our guess is the cold bath water.

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Beautiful smiling cute babyMax Bukovski/Shutterstock

Pure joy

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, we’re not sure what will.

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Cute babyfantasystudio/Shutterstock


This baby wins best dressed of all these baby photos (even with the thumb sucking).

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Closeup portrait of newborn baby. Cute babyMaja Marjanovic/Shutterstock

Pondering the meaning of life

This baby looks like he has a very intense secret. Did he just poop?

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Little cute baby with tongue out.Weird funny face of a lovely cute babyyasinemir/Shutterstock

Tonge twister

This little one might be great at tongue twisters one day.

Speaking of which, here are some of the best tongue twisters for your kids to try out.

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Infant acne, allergy, atopic dermatitis on the face of a babyleadenpork/Shutterstock

Not impressed

“I don’t want to nap!” Can’t resist the urge to say “aww” over these baby photos? Then you’ll definitely want to check out 60 of the most adorable animal photos.

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Baby girl.Mi.Ti./Shutterstock

Too much drama

This baby is in shock. She has this dramatic pose down!

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Portrait of beautiful little baby boy lying on the bedroom with glasses and laptopCreativa Images/Shutterstock

Jumpstart learning

The next generation is already loving computer time.

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Multiethnic babies dancing on light backgroundWallenrock/Shutterstock


It’s always a good time to breakdance.

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Beautiful expressive babyalexis kapsaskis/Shutterstock

Bright eyes

We’re not sure what this baby is looking at, but whatever it is it must be pretty amazing.

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the baby with headphones on a yellow backgroundUlza/Shutterstock

They’re playing her song

This baby has found her theme song.

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Smiling newborn baby 6 days oldYulia Sribna/Shutterstock


We’re also this happy when we’re napping, but not nearly as cute!

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Adorable little girl with the bunny ears and basket of Easter eggs.Anastasia Tveretinova/Shutterstock


“Do I really have to be held by everyone, mom?”

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Beautiful newborn baby resting her hands on her faceAhturner/Shutterstock

Waiting for my closeup

Not everyone enjoys being photographed, but some people were unknowingly born for it—like this baby! Even though all babies are innocent, these innocent-looking animals are definitely not—they’re dangerous.

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strange baby face on a lights backgroundAaron Amat/Shutterstock


It’s unclear whether this baby is crying, laughing, or a combination of both. And yet, we kind of understand how he feels.

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Baby girl having fun with her toy bearpicturepartners/Shutterstock


This bear obviously has some stellar jokes. We’re partial to baby photos, but these hilariously funny photos will make you laugh out loud too.

Originally Published: September 17, 2019

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