February 4, 2023

Premature Twin Couldn’t Even Wear Clothes For Fear Their Delicate Skin 

Premature Twin Couldn’t Even Wear Clothes For Fear Their Delicate Skin 

When the world more and more modern, have alot of babies was born early .  Claire, 31, said: “They are the youngest  and smallest twins can outlive  to be born in Scotland.” The parents were very happy with their miracle indentical twin girls  spoken who were born at just 23 weeks four days”.

 Claire and James Weir’s youngsters, Imogen and Annabelle, are thought to be the youngest  twins ever recorded in Britain – three days under the 24-week legal limit for outlive.
An estimated 15 million infants are born preterm globally, disproportionately affecting low and middle income countries (LMIC). It contributes directly to estimated one million neonatal d-eaths annually and is a significant contributor to childhood health

The girls live hung in the balance when they came into the world unexpectedly last April. Annabelle weighted just under a pound, Imogen was just over. Spending their first four months in hospital, the sisters through many treatments and emergency sur-gery. They couldn’t even wear clothes . However, the pair are now laughing and smiling at home in Paisley, Renfrewshire, and still amazing doctors with their progress. The consultant told that if the girls had been born just two years ago they wouldn’t  outliv– that’s how fast medical technology is advancing to helped many premature babies like them.

Claire and James, 31, met at university in Dundee nine years ago and married in 2013. Claire’s 20-week scan showed that the twins were growing well, but just a fortnight later, at 22-and-a-half weeks, her water broken. Doctors said  the couple that they would not able to provide resucitation   for the infants if they were born under 28 weeks.She got to more than 23 weeks but then I got very sick  and they had to induce.  In the early hours of 3 April 2016, Annabelle was born, weighing only 15.5oz. Ten minutes later Imogen was born weighing 1lb and half an ounce.After that both of twin girls, they  were went to  Claire had to have an intensive care room.

The babies spent six weeks inincuvators linked to a hi-tech pressure ventlilator  which delivers air in gentle “breaths”. They also received caffeine to stimulate their life

The twins still weigh only 11 and 12lb and have to wear 0-3 month baby clothes. Imogen home first, a couple of weeks before Annabelle. I just watched her constantly to make sure she was breathing.

“When Annabelle came home, after 138 days in hospital, we were more prepared.It was a terrifying experience but wonderful to be at home as a family.” she said

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